Friday, October 21, 2011

Toys City Pararescue Jumper

Yesterday, I provided an overview of the Toys City Green Beret of the US Army and today, I'll focus on the Pararescue Jumper from the US Air Force.

The "PJ" as they are often referred to, are in the business of saving lives.  With a broad range of combat, survival, medical, and other specialized training, these brave men and women are counted on for everything from search and rescue to recovery.

Toys City's take on a geared up PJ features a sand-colored AC uniform accented by khaki accessories, M4-A1 with grenade launcher, M9, and host of medical gear, including a pretty sweet medic bag.

Like the Special Forces guy I reviewed, the PJ body is pretty loose-limbed, but is generally able to hold poses.  Headsculpt is solid with good paint apps.  Kind of reminds me a bit of Josh Duhamel  from the Transformers movie.  I believe the head was used for a different earlier figure set as well, but I can't think of it offhand.

My primary issue was getting the headset on with the helmet.  It was a real pain and I ended up breaking the headset at the earpiece (where I usually tend to break these, if it happens).

Still, I really like this figure.  Lots of cool gear, a clean look, and an interesting subject.  I'm looking forward to TC's next figure!  Hopefully I will have a review of the NSW Marksman Overwatch figure soon.

Until then...

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