Thursday, October 27, 2011

ACI Flamma, Warrior of Rome

Focusing primarily on 1/6 clothing, accessories, parts, and base bodies, ACI isn't much known for it's boxed sets.

That may all change now with it's latest release, "Flamma", a Roman Gladiator sporting a brand new muscle body design.

While this set may not have an abundance of accessories for it's relatively luxe price of $130-$140 or so, what it lacks in gear, it more than makes up for in originality and fun factor.

First off, the box.  ACI seems to have invested some money here, showing off the figure with a windowed case with full color outer sleeve.  Very reminiscent of Hot Toys.

The vacuum-formed plastic inner case reveals the figure, fully kitted out with leather like harness, belt, arm guard with leather-like straps, leggings, a painted plastic shield, plastic myrmillo helmet (painted gold metallic), extra hands and a sword.  It even comes with a long, black cloak for even more costume options.

Let's be honest, in a hobby dominated by dudes with guns, there aren't too many 1/6 Gladiator figures on the market today.  Here, ACI has meticulously created a new body designed to be displayed with little armor or clothing.  Knowing that this is a relatively small company with limited distribution and production resources, you'll begin to understand what a labor of love making this body must've been.  The skin is textured, the muscles are sculpted, and the joints are designed in a way to be less conspicuous than typical action figures.  The joints are solid and stiff overall.  There is some "ratcheting" action with the shoulder and knee joints--a bit of getting used to if you are used to smooth-moving parts.  Oddly enough, my copy's knee joints stopped the ratcheting sounds right after I started bending them around some.

The head has some slick paint apps compared to ACI's "free" heads that come with their regular nudes.  Although the Gladiator's visage is pretty harsh, it's well done with a realistic look.

The hands seems to suffer from inconsistent skin tone issues and several of the hands didn't even look like the same color as the rest, let alone the body.

The wrist pegs seem to have a typical action figure design, but for whatever reason, both of the pegs on mine snapped at the moving joint.  I understand that wrist pegs tend to be fragile on 1/6 joints, but this is the first time I've actually broken a peg.  That both snapped so quickly does make me wonder if there is something more going on with that.

In any case, despite the wrist issue, I really like this figure!  The whole package is an interesting and fun set to pose and mess around with.

If you are interested in the subject, or just want a break from celebrity or military themes, then I do recommend the ACI Flamma figure for purchase.  (Just be careful with those wrists!)

The wrists are already broken here, but manage to stay on without glue.

The shield is simple, but colorful.

The helmet fits well and can be removed rather easily.

This is a good-looking, good-posing figure--great job, ACI!

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