Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 139 Resident Evil Afterlife Alice Unboxed

There is just something about Milla Jovovich and the Resident Evil movies that rubs the right way with me.  Honestly, the films themselves are poorly written, lazily directed, and full of horror and sci fi movie cliches that would make seasoned movie goers cringe.  Still, there's something primal and enduring (to the 14 year old teenage male in me) about seeing the seductively clad Alice kick zombie ass up and down the post-apocalyptic wasteland-scape.

And so it was with utter childlike glee and otaku fanboy excitement that I awaited the arrival of my two (yes two) copies of Hot Toys MMS 139 Resident Evil Afterlife Alice.  Here, Hot Toys has captured MillaJ, as I now call her, in her first and primary costume in the movie: a black skin-tight leotard with corset, tactical holster/harness, armguards, leggings, and thigh high boots.
As those who have followed this figure from it's announcement may already be aware, there was some controversy about the facial likeness of the prototype.  Some thought that face was too narrow and harsh to be Milla.  Well, Hot Toys has apparently heard the critiques and answered with a softer head sculpt that actually has a lot of subtle shading that only makes itself known when held at different angles and lighting.  It's a masterful job by Song Hye Hyun, and Yulli, Hot Toys' two beautiful female Korean sculptors and needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.

Alice comes with an arsenal of weapons: dual shotguns, revolver pistols, submachine guns, kukri knives, and a short sword.  You can holster most of the weapons, save the kukri knives, making this Alice quite the butt kicker in both the figure and accessories departments.

Speaking of butts, however, comes my only real gripe with Hot Toys Afterlife Alice--her ass is too big!  I'm being completely serious here--this baby got back.  Now, I'm not a man who is at all opposed to some junk in the trunk.  I love some rump shaker as much as the next guy.  But the booty on this figure is just ginormous!  She could call all the boys from the yard from here to Tokyo with that milkshaking money maker, no lie.  It's so big, it can be a distraction.  The real Milla just isn't built that way, so I'm not sure I understand exactly why Hot Toys chose to go that route.
Anyway, dumps like a truck aside, this is a fantastic movie female figure, one that fans of the series should not miss!

Great choice for the box cover--striking and dramatic!

Hot Toys' talented artists are not just sculptors and toy makers--clever and inspired interior art with the jagged glass surrounding the clear window here.  Nice job Hot Toys!

This figure is one of the best all-around female figures since Abigail Whistler

"Stop staring at my butt!!"

All I need is nine more of these for my Alice clone army.  :p

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