Monday, October 17, 2011

Hot Toys Spider Man Unboxed

Just a quickie post to chronicle my copy of Hot Toys Spider Man.  At first, I had some trepidation about how the figure would turn out, but I must say that Hot Toys once again exceeded my expectations.  The single piece body suit is very well done with a solid fit that doesn't sacrifice much in the posability of the True Type base body.  I suppose that over time, extreme poses will affect the stitching and stretchability of the material, but like anything else, some care and moderation should keep this one looking good for a reasonable period of time.

Nice packaging.  As usual, a color insert protects the inner plastic holder.

Includes a heavy sculpted base to add to your display options.

Yes, I chose a "safe" pose.  Nothing crazy in the detolf.  :p

Fine raised detail on the suit.  Note the minimal bunching of material around the neck and other joints.


  1. I passed on him but from what I hear he's a pretty cool figure. What do you her worth it?

  2. I finally messed around with him today at AZTECA's house. The wrist seemed kind of flimsy but I did think he was a decent figure.