Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Art Figures Navy Seal Special

Art Figures is a small 1/6 toy maker from China that was founded in 2008.  Despite their young age, they've produced a number of high quality action figures loosely based on American films.  Their last figure, based on Ray Stevenson's Punisher War Zone movie, was an incredible piece worthy of a real movie license (they currently do, "off the books" right now).  Their followup to this figure is the "Navy Seal Special", a dead ringer for Bruce Willis as he appeared in the war drama "Tears from the Sun".

Art Figures' head sculpts are generally very well done, with realistic paint applications, high attention to detail, and a solid likeness to the celebrities they are based on.  Here, they've captured the older, battle-scarred and weary Willis quite well and he does have some untended cuts and such to capture a moment.

Several issues I had with the figure: the earpiece is difficult and fragile to use on the figure.  It's a given that small parts for 1/6 require patience and care to assemble correctly, so there's not much more I can say about that.  Second, the alice harness can be tricky for those without experience dressing it.  There are no instructions, so you'll have to be seasoned or else figure out how it attaches to the belt on your own.

Overall, this is another surprising release from Art Figures and a good value buy for those who want movie-based figures without paying Hot Toys' prices.

He has more gear, but this was all I had time to futz with before taking pictures.

This is definitely one of the best production Willis sculpts I've seen in this scale.

I'm pretty happy with this one.  Not the biggest fan of the movie, but glad this was made.

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