Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hot Toys Resident Evil Jill Valentine Battle Suit Version

For those of you who missed the first action figure version of Jill from the Resident Evil 5 video game, Hot Toys gives you another go around with Battle Suit Jill.  This version of Jill features a skin tight jumpsuit, mind-control chestpiece, and an arsenal of weapons to go along with her new blonde locks.

A few things I don't like about the figure design: the size of the head and the length of her neck give her a slightly giraffe-necked appearance.  Second, her head sculpt is exactly the same as the first Jill-it would have been nice to see a more menacing look to match the costume and theme.  Finally, the alternate cloak can be very tricky to put on due to the tight fit of the holes and the overall restrictiveness of the costume.

Still, like most Hot Toys, I'm really pleased with this figure and it's a nice looking female to add to the collection.  Great for fans of the game!

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