Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Femme Fig Photoshoot of the Day

Just a few pics of my Resident Evil Extinction Alice kitbash.  It's the Afterlife Alice head on a TTF body with Brother Production Zombie Killer clothes.  Just need to add the holster, weapon grip hands, and give her a few weapons.

Still missing some bits.  I'll add later and update.

A shot at a different time of day.  Whoa it's bright out there.

Light glamour pose.  :p

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hot Toys DX09 1989 Batman

Hard to believe for old timers like me, but Tim Burton's Batman came out almost 23 years ago!  At the time, it was quite a revelation.  The film was arguably the first true successful comic book-to-movie adapation that wasn't aimed solely at children, earning both critical acclaim (including an Oscar) and box office gold.

Fast forward to 2012, and Hot Toys is ready to honor the movie with it's own MMS DX figure set!  This one features the PERS movable eye system that allows users to change the angle at which the figure is looking for even more dynamic poses.  While there aren't too many accessories with this particular DX, it does also include the interchangable face plate system that allows you to change the expression of the mouth from a more passive look, to a scowl, to a battle-damaged look with some blood trickle at the mouth corner.

Perhaps the most impressive feature IMO, is the cape.  The cape has a couple of black rods that can be placed in the character's hands to allow some interesting poses of the cape unfurled and spread open, just as Batman did in the movie to intimidate his foes.

The set also includes a grappling hook attachment that fits onto the arm and fist, as well as some different hands and a heavy base.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this figure and would recommend it to fans of the film.

Solid packaging as per the Hot Toys DX series.

Upon opening, you will see the figure along with the hands and 3 swappable mouths.

Underneath, you'll find the cape, base, and accessories.

It looks great, even in static poses.

Kind of looks stiff, but Keaton's suit was the same way in 1:1 anyways.

Nice job by HT of capturing the actor's likeness, even in the costume.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

ZCWO Shimei Biker Girl

ZCWO has thankfully been avoiding the usual fetish-y female figures lately, so I've been more receptive to their newest releases in return.  Today, I'm featuring Biker Shimei, one of two motorcycle-themed ladies (the other is  named "Azami" and is clad in black leather with slightly different accessories).

Shimei sports an interesting, if a bit loud, blue leather-like outfit.  While the colors evoke the import tuner scene, Shimei is ready for the road with long pants, jacket, boots, and a rather well-designed helmet that has both a flip-up visor as well as a fold out top for ease of attaching or removing the helmet from the head.

The materials as a whole are a bit on the cheap-side, but I had no real QC issues with my copy overall.  ZCWO bodies are well articulated, but the outfit does restrict posing somewhat.  Paint apps on the face could be a bit better, but are decent overall.

On the whole, I'm pleased with her.  I just wish I had a blue sport bike to pose her with.