Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Pick Ups

Just received ZC World's "Nikita Spy" female action figure--it's pretty cool!  It's so rare these days to have a femme figure that is not S&M or otherwise fetish-y themed.  Unfortunately, I'm hearing that this fig's production numbers are pretty limited, so I'm going to leave her in the box for now.  From what I can tell, however, she is pretty much as advertised.  My only gripe is the price--$100 MSRP is just way too high for a figure like this (as nice as it is, and with as many accessories, albeit tiny, as it has). 

Whoops, she seems to have lost her head!  No worries, though, I was able to stick the head back on with no problems.
The packaging is very simple, but nicely done, IMO, with nice color photos of the figure in action.  It's WYSIWYG here, more or less.

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