Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot Toys MMS127 Prince of Persia The Sands of Time

Now that I have a detolf, I've been opening up more of my figures.  Next up is Hot Toys Prince of Persia!

This figure sports excellent details including a suit of leather armor, several ornate swords, Dagger of Time, an alternate "relaxed" costume, and a special "muscle" body that offers a more realistic-looking physique for the exposed areas that the costume does not cover.

There are several issues with this figure. The first is that the alternate costume is very difficult switch to. Another is that the system that connects the sword scabbards to the chest armor is poorly designed and cannot be better secured.

And finally, although Hot Toys touts an "authentic likeness" to actor Jake Gyllenhaal, I cannot really see it.

My copy came with stiff elbow joints, which made it difficult to bend the arms without fear of damage. Oddly enough, the legs were loose at the hip joint. While not so loose that it would not stand on it's own, it was a bit too loose for my liking.

Still, despite the problems, I think this is a very nice figure and one that I'm glad to have in the collection. For me, the details on the uniform and fantastic paint apps put it over the top, despite some QC problems and lack of authenticity in the head sculpt.

If you can find it at retail MSRP or less, I'd say it is a fair buy, although I wouldn't recommend it if you were not a big fan of the film.

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