Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Pick Ups

I received the Hot Toys Iron Man 2, Mk VI armor, Sideshow Exclusive edition this week.

I was initially on the fence about this figure since I had initially committed to the Mk IV and V armors as my main IM armors for this line.  There isn't too much difference asthetically between the Mk IV and VI--just the triangular chest piece which represents the significant upgrade in the Arc Reactor techonology between the first movie to the second.

However, I added myself to Sideshow Direct's waitlist for the Exclusive version (adds an armored replusor hand that can be used on most any Hot Toys figure) just for giggles and it actually converted.  Whoops!  So much for saving some $$$.  :p

Anyhoo, since HT figures are easier to sell at a good price than they are to buy at a good price once they sell out at retail, I decided keeping the order wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

So do I unbox this guy, or the Mk IV??

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