Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Toys Marine FAST and Playhouse Navy Seal

Before Hot Toys became the leader in 1:6 scale movie action figures, they were a leader in 1:6 scale military action figures.

While most of these Hot Toys Military now go for well over what my budget allows, I have found a few choice deals on eBay.  One that I decided to open recently is the US Marine 2nd Fleet Anti-Terrorist Support Team (FAST) figure.  This version sports woodland camo and was an exclusive edition for a Candian toy store called Toys2.

Although not quite the level of quality that they are associated with now, Hot Toys' attention to detail is quite evident, even in their early releases.  Here's a comparion with the late 2010 Playhouse Navy Seal Team Ten figure:

While the rest of the figure is Playhouse, the head is Hot Toys--their paint apps now are the industry standard for realism.

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