Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hot Toys MMS146 Thor -- Released!

I must admit, when I first heard that a Thor movie was being made, I wasn't too enthusiastic.  Even after the trailers were revealed, I still had a lot of reservations.  Luckily, I went to see the movie anyway--it turned out really well done!  Overall, it was an entertaining film.  Well acted, good characterizations, great presentation, and a thoughtful story which tells of how a God of Thunder can learn humility and humanity when forced to walk among men.  Great job by all involved in the film on bringing the script to life.

So on to the figure!  This is one of the few new licenses from Hot Toys to get a quick prototype and timely release.  I suppose the fact that it is a Disney/Marvel property that has a built-in audience helps a lot, but here we are just a few weeks out from the box office debut and the Hot Toys MMS146 Thor 12 inch figure is ready for retail in it's place of origin, Hong Kong!

Here's some pictures from the Toy World blog (great resource for Hot Toys and other HK toy makers) and Sideshow Freaks Forum:

Nice likeness to actor Chris Hemmsworth
This is probably how I'll display him: with the helmet on, Mjolnir in hand!

We should see the figure in about 3-4 weeks here in the US!

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