Saturday, May 14, 2011

Femme Fig Photo Shoot of the Day

While I do enjoy movie and military figures a lot, I also have a soft spot for the ladies. I don't consider myself a "doll" collector per se, although I can see how some may look at it that way. Still, today's female action figures have finally started to make a clear break from the "Barbie" look to more realistic and natural looking than ever before. So, to start off this section of the blog, I'd like to introduce this nameless lady, sort of a GI Joe "Baroness" type. I used a Triad Otaku 2.0 brunette head and Triad Alpha base body, then gave it round glasses (from DID's Hermann Hanke WWII figure), and Triad's Ryder 2.0 outfit and boots. Enjoy!

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