Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 146 Thor

When Hot Toys first announced MMS 146 Thor, I was not terribly excited.  For one thing, I had been looking at trailers of the Marvel film it was based on and was not really impressed with the movie.  Fast forward to opening weekend, and boy, did my outlook change on both counts!  The film was excellent, with the right summer blend of action, humor, and story.  Now, not only was I hyped on the movie, I wanted the figure as well!

Well, Thor finally arrived, and I must say it's another solid offering from Hot Toys.

As usual, HT brings us a well-designed shoebox-sized package with a clever system of plastic vacuum-formed trays for the figure, accessories, stand, and cape.  The cape is almost easy to miss--inside the top cover.

The main tray with the figure is covered by a nice color sheet with photos of the figure.

The figure itself is solid and weighty, thanks to a special body with a rubberized muscled torso.  The head bears a good likeness to actor Chris Hemmsworth, with the usual amazing paint application from JC Hong.  The somewhat blank stare may be offputting to some, but is par for the course with may 1/6 figures.  The costume fits well, but seems to limit the range of motion of the arms somewhat.  You can display the figure either with helmet or without, and Hot Toys included their special magnet system with a detachable piece for the back of the head for full haired, or "helmet hair" posing.

Of course, Mjolnir is included, and the God of Thunder's hammer is made of real metal and fits into a special base shaped like the rock from the movie.  You can either pose Thor with Mjolnir in hand or in the base--a nice touch that captures the essence of the film.

While the costume is nice, it's not really complete without the flowing red cape, and HT did a nice job with this.  Although attachment of the case is a bit tricky, the way the cape hangs over the shoulders and how the folds are represented is very well done.

Overall, it's another winner by Hot Toys.  I highly recommend the figure to fans of the movie and collectors of 1/6 movie figures alike.

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