Friday, July 8, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 121 Whiplash Iron Man 2

Sometimes you just know when a project is a labor of love.  In the case of Hot Toys rendition of Whiplash from the movie Iron Man 2, the devil is literally all in the details.

From the eerily accurate likeness of actor Mickey Rourke (complete with natty dreads), to the screened tats on his custom muscle figure body, right down to the hyper-detailled mechanical exo-skeleton, no corners were cut in making the most amazing 1/6 scale version of Whiplash possible.

However you feel about the actor, or the character he portrayed, it's undeniable that MMS 121 is a masterclass in 1/6 scale realism and I'm still blown away by how much Hot Toys was able to cram in to this toy.

The figure depicts Whiplash as he appeared in the beginning of the movie, with his torn pit crew jumpsuit revealing the crude, but ultimately effective arc-reactor powered exo-skeleton used to attack Tony Stark at the Monaco Gran Prix.

The craftsmanship on the exo-skeleton is simply a work of art.  Not only highly detailed, but with working joints that follow the movement of the figure's arms and torso.  It even has a working LED light for the chest rig.  Just a brilliant piece of action figure engineering.

As if that wasn't enough, the paint apps, as Hot Toys almost always shows us, is outstanding with realistic skin tones and facial detail.

The only notable niggle I have with this figure is the color of the jumpsuit.  In the film, it is a rather bright safety orange, yet in Hot Toys' version, the suit is more of a dark brown or burnt umber color.

The Internet already has a fix for this little gaffe, however: simply soak the jumpsuit in a bleach and water mixture until the burnt color dissolves away.  While the exact recipe is up to you to experiement with, be aware that the more bleach you use, the shorter the time it will take for the darker dye to fade.  I shouldn't have to tell you also that bleach is highly toxic and must be used with extreme care--follow the manufacturers' guidelines for its use as I am not responsible for any mishaps to you or your toys as a result of misuse.

Overall, Whiplash is a top notch figure and I would highly recommend it as a 1/6 scale collectible.  In addition, due it's apparent lack of popularity among collectors, you can still find it for MSRP or less with some dilligence.

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