Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot Toys MMS 137 Falconer Predator

The Robert Rodrigues movie franchise reboot "Predators" takes a band of unsavory characters to an alien planet where they become the prey in a deadly other worldly safari.  While I wasn't a particularly big fan of the film, there was just something rather compelling about the Hot Toys action figures based on it.  To date, I own Royce, Berserker, and now (thanks to a sale at gohastings), the Falconer. 

Hot Toys Falconer Predator is, for all intensive purposes, a palette swap of the Berserker Predator.  That is, they are basically the same figure with different paint applications and slightly different costuming.  The biggest differences, besides the rich lizard green paint scheme, are the outfit and accessories.  Unlike Berserker, the other Predators in the movie never removed their masks to reveal their visages underneath, hence Falconer has a non-removable mask.  Individual hobbyists more intrepid than myself have pried off the mask to reveal what is essentially an unpainted Berserker head, but as I lack any painting or airbrush skills, I left things as they were on my figure.

Like other Hot Toys Predators, Falconer comes with a light up LED feature, which is a nice touch considering the included accessories are rather light.  With only one pair of swap out hands (one closed fist, one open palm), a set of three real metal gauntlet blades, and a decorative skull, this figure is somewhat low on the value scale.  In a concession to fan outcry, however, Hot Toys saw fit to include the "Falcon", a bird-like robotic drone, even though it saw perhaps a minute or two of actual screen time at best.  The Falcon has a clear plastic peg post to mount it to the Falconer's shoulder armor, if you want to diplay it as "flying" next to him.  Some may think it's a bit awkward-looking in practice, but I'm ok with it.

Another thing to note is how heavy the figure feels in hand.  This is a substantial bit of plastic, and while it doesn't feel exceptionally fragile, it should be noted when posing to avoid tipovers or shelf dives.

Overall, the Falconer is another solid movie monster figure from Hot Toys.  What it loses in value with it's limited accessories and higher price, it makes up for with strong details and high workmanship.  I would definitely recommend it to fans of the movie, although for others, the lack of removable mask would probably make owning the Berserker enough.

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