Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DAM Operation Gothic Serpent 75th Ranger Chalk Leader

DAM Toys takes on the movie Black Hawk Down and Chalk Leader Matt Eversman is the first soldier to be released as part of this new action figure line.

Starting with a well done headsculpt with solid paint apps and a great likeness to actor Josh Hartnett, DAM provides a near movie-accurate set with nice gear and accessories appropriate to 1990s Delta Force operators.  I found the quality of the accessories to be good overall, although the canteen pouch snaps on one of my sets (I ended up with two) were missing.

The body is good as well.  It holds poses very well with tight joints and is capable of a wide range of realistic motions.

Overall, I think DAM has hit a home run with their Operation Gothic Serpent movie soldiers and I'm excited about the rest of the figures they've announced.

Looks like Josh Harnett as he appeared in Black Hawk Down to me.

I like the quality of the gear.

It's a bit of a challenge to work with the alice harness and those tiny clips, but the results are great.

Very cool soldier.

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