Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soldier Story Felgendarmerie Des Heers 1945

I try to stick primarily to Hot Toys and Modern Military figures to keep my collection under control.

However, once in a while I'll see a figure that tickles my fancy for whatever reason, and I just decide to go ahead and pick it up.  Such is the case for the Felgendarmerie, or German military police, figure from Soldier Story.  While I don't much care for what these units did, especially during the time this figure is supposedly fashioned after, it's an interesting and notable theme if you have any interest in WWII military history.  The figure comes with the metal gorget that earned these enforcement officers the nickname "chained dogs".

While the set itself does not include too many parts and accessories compared to a Soldier Story modern kit, what is there is generally the same higher-end quality of materials and worksmanship the company tends to adhere to.  The paint job on the head sculpt is well done, although almost ironically, it seems to be a passive version of the head Soldier Story used for their Panzergrenadier Wiking version (which you may remember sported a unique open-mouthed expression).

Overall, I like this set, but at around $95 or so MSRP, it's kind of pricey for what you get.

A rather "srs" bit of box art, methinks.  Note the blood at the top right.  :p

You get a couple different looks with the helmet and field pack.

Aw, only one blister pack for accessories.  :(

Yeah, this is pretty much all you get.  I guess I'm spoiled by DID and SS modern sets.

He looks dignified despite some of the duties they carried out.

I dunno why, but I like him better with the cap than the helmet.

A passive face for someone even his countrymen's own soldiers feared.

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