Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hot Toys MMS 156 Captain America, The First Avenger

Marvel Studios has done a largely successful job of building up hype for it's upcoming Avengers movie this Summer.  Starting with the wildly popular Iron Man 1 and 2, and then moving on to Thor, and Captain America.  Admittedly, I based my initial reactions to the Thor and CA films on their trailers and felt that the CA trailer "looked" like it would be a better movie than Thor.  I was wrong!  I ended up enjoying the humor and earnest fantasy of Thor over the more pedestrian Captain America.  Still, each were good movies in their own way, and I couldn't pass up a chance at Hot Toys' version of the Captain America action figure.

Unfortunately, like the film, while this figure looked good on the surface, it has some issues that prevent it from being the true blockbuster it could have been.  The main problem, IMO is the lack of articulation caused by the heavy, albeit well-designed costume.  The prototype photos show the Captain in a number of interesting, and somewhat dynamic poses, but in reality, it is very hard to get the correct range of motion in the arms and legs to really accomplish them.  Granted, it is ultimately possible, however, it is generally just too difficult for all but the most patient figure collector to mess around with.

The shield is amazing and real metal as well, but a pain to get properly set in the hands.

Everything else is standard Hot Toys: unreal paint apps, fine tailoring, high quality materials, and that extra attention to details that make these more than just "toys".  Ultimately, whether I can recommend this figure to you will depend on how much you enjoyed the movie or appreciate the character as it appeared in that movie, especially given the price. 

Hot Toys' shoebox style packaging. Includes blister on the inside of the top cover, full color printed insert inside, and main figure with accessories in the lower box.

Shield and gun--metal, pleather, and other materials.
Well packed in vacuum-formed tray.
If he looks stiff, that's because...he is.  :p
The helmet is sculpted as part of the whole head.  Really amazing how well the paint job is.
The shield looks wonderful, but is a surprising pain in the rear to get on there.

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