Saturday, June 2, 2012

ZCWO Shimei Biker Girl

ZCWO has thankfully been avoiding the usual fetish-y female figures lately, so I've been more receptive to their newest releases in return.  Today, I'm featuring Biker Shimei, one of two motorcycle-themed ladies (the other is  named "Azami" and is clad in black leather with slightly different accessories).

Shimei sports an interesting, if a bit loud, blue leather-like outfit.  While the colors evoke the import tuner scene, Shimei is ready for the road with long pants, jacket, boots, and a rather well-designed helmet that has both a flip-up visor as well as a fold out top for ease of attaching or removing the helmet from the head.

The materials as a whole are a bit on the cheap-side, but I had no real QC issues with my copy overall.  ZCWO bodies are well articulated, but the outfit does restrict posing somewhat.  Paint apps on the face could be a bit better, but are decent overall.

On the whole, I'm pleased with her.  I just wish I had a blue sport bike to pose her with.

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