Friday, January 27, 2012

Crazy Dummy Ranger Gunner in Afghanistan

Today, I'm featuring Crazy Dummy's US Army Ranger Gunner.  This figure sports CD's MK46 Mod0 LMG and comes complete with Gen2 Multicam, RLCS gear, MICH2000 helmet w/PVS-15 night vision, and an original, new head sculpt.  Not sure who this guy is supposed to resemble, but it's nice to see a non-caucasian in the mix this time around.

As with CD's first SEAL set, this SAW figure has a ton of gear and details, most of it pretty well done, IMO.  One of these details is one that you can't really see--underneath the BDUs is a "bulk suit", designed to make the figure appear more muscular.  While I understand the aesthetics behind this decision, I'm not as fond of the execution.  Ultimately, the padded suit makes it harder to dress the figure and restricts the articulation in the upper body enough where it's more of a hinderance than anything else.  I was pondering removing the suit altogether, but decided to just leave it as is for now.

He certainly looks big enough to tote that LMG.

This is one my first gunners.

I dunno about the general looks of this guy, but he seems determined--it's a good expression for a military figure.

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