Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inflames/Headplay Metal Boss

Here's a figure I didn't think would get released: The Inflames and Headplay collaboration, "Metal Boss" boxed set.

From the distinctive Yoji Shinkawa-eque box art, down to the costume and accessories, this is an amazingly blatant carbon copy of a certain video game character renowned for defining the "stealth action" video game genre.

Licensing issues aside, what we have here is a pretty impressive action figure.  The body has solid joints and is able to hold poses fairly well despite being clothed in a skin-tight black undersuit.  The costuming has great tailoring with both a solid color and camo-variant set of BDUs.  Accessory-wise, it includes CQC knives, pistol with holster, rifle, belt, alice harness, pouches, and even a crazy detailed crocodile head mask!

Never heard of Inflames before, but I do know of Headplay.  Headplay, as the name implies, specializes in 1/6 action figure head sculpts and here they've done a decent job capturing our cold-blooded friend's likeness.  I still think Headplay's sculpts are a bit undersized and the neck looks a little too long as a result, but the overall effect is acceptable.  The wires in the head band that can be posed are a nice touch though.

On it's own merits, this is a fun and worthwhile figure to own.  I recommend it if you can find it for the MSRP of $150 or less.  Anything more and you're better off waiting for Hot Toys to make their officially licensed product.

I can't tell if this is an homage or if they took an actual bit of artwork.  It looks fantastic, either way.
Two uniforms, and...check out that caiman head!
Some nonsense writing on the back, lol.
Changing to the camo outfit isn't too difficult, just remember how the straps were connected before removing.
To me, the head is a bit too small.
This is a fun figure to mess around with.
Classic hand-to-hand pose.

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